What’s the ILM?

Institute of Leadership and Management is the UK leading body in the filed of leadership and Management. Currently, it has 2000 approved centers worldwide to deliver its qualification. The ILM helps to develops more leaders than anyone else giving them the skills to make a real difference in their organization and beyond.

About our ILM Qualifications

Prime HR Solutions is an approved center for ILM since 2017. Through this approval, PHRS can deliver Endorsed and Development course in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ILM course can be delivered in both Arabic and English Language.

Programs On Offer:

  • Assessing Own Leadership Style And Plan For Leadership Development
  • Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • High-Performance Teamwork
  • Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Effective Teamwork
  • Managing Change And Innovation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Governance


Businesses and other organisations need to ensure that their personnel are using the best possible techniques and adhering to all relevant standards. Leadership and Management training allows managers and executives to better understand and face the challenges that their organisation faces, improve their ability to manage their team in difficult times, become more effective managing across cultural, regional or language divides and gain crucial insight into strategy implementation in projects of all kinds.
Businesses and not for profit organizations of all kinds need to ensure that their HR personnel are using the best possible techniques and adhering to all relevant standards. There is no better way to be certain that their organizations remain profitable and compliant with regulations and international requirements. With this training, you can provide your employer with: • Enhanced awareness of the challenges facing the organization and how to deal with them effectively • The leadership skills necessary to manage your team or department effectively in challenging economic times • Improved performance when managing across cultural, regional or language divides • Insight into more effective strategy implementation in projects of all kinds • Better career coaching skills, to improve the in-house talent available to the organization
You’ll learn how to make human resources and leadership issues a key element in any business strategy. This can have important implications for your career: • Employers see professional certifications like this as evidence of a thorough business education • Employees with these qualifications often receive preference for promotion and advancement • Increased confidence in your leadership skills can lead to a marked improvement in performance • You can apply your career development skills to yourself as well, improving your career trajectory even further
There are no examinations. Each student must successfully complete all the required assignments as well as attend all the training Workshops and maintain ongoing professional development records. Learner progress will also be monitored during their training along with observed practical assignments.
The full Diploma Qualification is delivered in 3 modules, each of which lasts 5 days. There is a period of around 4 to 5 weeks between each module. This allows the student time to return to their workplace, review their learning and complete the required assignments.
No formal educational qualifications are needed to enrol in the Leadership and Management program, but you should currently be in – or about to undertake – a management position.
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