Remote Workers Assessment Service

Remote Workers Assessment Service – RWAS by PHRS is a comprehensive assessment that analyze the organization readiness to adapt remote work model at first place through careful steps that include:

  • the assessment of management style,
  • performance management style,
  • jobs technical & behavioral requirements,
  • Jobs performance measures,
  • communication & motivation styles.

The service includes the assessment of people as well to identify their preferred working style and the best management, communication, and motivational acts to be taken to get the best productivity out of them when working remotely.

Approach, Methodology, & Tools:

Our approach relies on the understanding of the business requirement first as an answer to the question: Why our client is adopting the remote working style? This will allow us to link the purpose with the strategy. Our methodology contains comprehensive analysis tools to measure the readiness of the business structure, jobs design, and organization culture for such move.

During the analysis, PHRS experts will use several tools. The most important tool of them is Thomas PPA which is one of the most respected assessments tools globally and designed specifically for such purposes.



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