About US

Prime HR Solutions is a highly specialized payroll and human resources solutions provider. Offering a range of professional services, such as training, assessment, HRIS and consultancy, our highly experienced team of HR experts truly understand the needs and challenges faced by local organisations. It is through this knowledge and experience that we are able to implement practical and effective HR solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations. Working closely with a strong network of international partners, we strive to implement best HR practices with a unique approach that puts you – the customer – at the heart of everything we do. Established in 2008, we constantly strive to cater to the specific HR needs of organisations within the Saudi market. Our strategic solutions can be applied to businesses of all sizes, from all industries, and have been carefully developed in order to take into account the needs of both the strategy makers and the front line staff. Our services encompass the following areas: HR Consulting Assessment Services Training Services HR Information Systems


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